Public Viewing through workshop, presentation, and exhibition


November 17-19, Montreal Independent Games Festival 2017, Montreal, Canada, exhibition "WML, Wall Mounted Level"

November 2-4, HASTAC 2017, Orlando, Florida, exhibition "WML, Wall Mounted Level"

May 5-7, GlitchCon 2017, Minneapolis, Minnesota, presentation, "Combining Digital and Physical Method through 3D printing, photogrammetry and projection mapping"

April 7, ACCAD annual open house, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, exhibition, "Beacon"

March 6-13, ACCAD Humane Tech pop-up, The Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio, "Physical Scroller"


December 5, SIGGRAPH Asia 2016, Macao, China, workshop "Creating Virtual Environment with 3D printing and photogrammetry"

August 23- September 24, OSU Design Department faculty exhibition, Urban Arts Space, Columbus, Ohio, exhibition, "Beacon"


September 25, Computer Graphics & Animation, San Antonio, Texas, presentation "Pushing the Physical Arts Deeper into Real-Time Rendering"


Montreal Independent Games Festival 2017 Innovation Award, "WML, Wall Mounted Level" ,

Montreal Independent Games Festival 2017 Social Impact Award, "WML, Wall Mounted Level" ,

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