Digitizing the physical world through photogrammetry and 3d scanning has nowadays become part of our common vernacular in the creation of 3D virtual environments. However, it is near equally common for these technologies to be employed at the expense of design. The primary motivation behind our workshop is twofold: (1) to ensure that art creation for virtual environments continues to serve design, rather than dictate it, and (2) to encourage a more collaborative experience between physical and digital artists in computer graphics production. In our pipeline, 3D printing has enabled us to preserve our design at a very high fidelity as we transition into a physical format where we can safely leverage the talents of physical sculptors and painters without jeopardizing design intent. In turn, through photogrammetry we then digitize the physical sculptures and integrate them back into our native virtual environments. By employing both 3D printing and photogrammetry in a single pipeline, we have helped to maximize the value that both designers and artists can contribute to the creation of virtual environments.

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