Physical Scroller

By coupling a depth sensor with a top-mounted projector, this cooperative multiplayer game requires physical and verbal coordination to successfully navigate hazards in this life-size vertical scroller. The goal of the game is simple: players navigate the red ball through a field of vertically scrolling hazards until reaching the end of the level. A depth sensor tracks the median position of all player ‘blobs’ and places the red ball there. There are options however! Because the depth sensor only registers at a specific altitude around shoulder-height, players can duck beneath it, effectively removing themselves from play. The result is a ‘pass’ to the other player(s). Additionally, spreading your arms out and making yourself a ‘larger blob’ increases your area of influence and biases the red ball in your direction - this helps tremendously when finessing the red ball around obstacles. Physical Scroller plays great with 2-4 players, but can easily accomodate 1-10.

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