Instructions to play “The Woods”


On Computer Monitor

1.      Select ‘Enter’ and ‘Agree’ to EULA

2.      Select ‘Create Room’

On iPhone

3.      Download “The Woods AR Game” from the App Store
Qr code

Description automatically generated

4.      Select ‘Enter’ and ‘Agree’ to EULA

5.      Select ‘Join Room’

6.      Enter room code generated on the computer monitor

AR Marker

1.         Begin by scanning the AR marker (leaves) on the floor

2.         You may need to rescan the marker if the branch is no longer between the two players



1.      Each of you holds either side of the branch

2.      You move the branch together throughout the space

3.      You must work together to get birds to perch on the branch

4.      It works best if you face each other



1.      You must get four birds on the branch to complete the game

2.      Avoid the clouds or you will lose all the birds that were perched

3.      You and your partner may have to crouch low or reach high to avoid the clouds